Monday, February 28, 2005

Pelosi Calls for Investigation into New DeLayGate Allegations

Tom DeLay is sinking deeper into the mire every day. On Friday, the National Journal spelled out Delay’s latest violation of House ethics rules.

Today, Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation into the latest allegations against Tom Delay…

“These are substantive allegations that must be added to the ever-growing DeLayGate scandal and fully investigated by the Ethics Committee. The House gift rule clearly states that lobbyists cannot pay a Member’s travel expenses, but the expense voucher submitted by lobbyist Jack Abramoff indicates that this is precisely what he did for Mr. DeLay.

“It is imperative that the Ethics Committee live up to its mission and conduct a timely, thorough, and honest inquiry into all of Mr. DeLay’s alleged ethical lapses.”

Raw Story has uncovered even more on the DelayGate scandal including a link to USA Next who is currently employing Swift Boat Vets strategists in an orchestrated attack against AARP. Delay seems to turn up frequently in twisted ties to the foul Swift Boat Veterans.

One further note on the DelayGate scandal is that the lawsuit against DeLay PAC started today in TX.


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