Friday, February 25, 2005

President Arrested in Europe for War Crimes

News came out of the President being arrested in Finland for war crimes, but unfortunately this report was fictional, on the WB show Jack and Bobby.

Jack and Bobby (whose names should ring a bell) is partially the work of Thomas Schlamme, formerly of West Wing. Jack and Bobby shows the early years of Bobby McAllister, who is fated to grow up to become President, and most episodes include interviews taking place in the future discussing aspects of the future McAllister administration. This week's episode included the story of a President who preceded McAllister being arrested in Finland for war crimes committed while he was President.

Jack and Bobby also stars Christine Lahti as Bobby's mother, Grace Mcallister. Grace frequently backs liberal causes similar to characters on West Wing, openly backed John Kerry last fall, and is also a self-described secular humanist. The show isn't intended to be a one-sided portrayal of liberal positions. Grace, for example, is flawed with bad habits including over-use of marijuana in early episodes. While she is a secular humanist, Bobby shows an interest in religion, and we learn he becomes a minister before becoming President.

Some conservative sites complained about the free publicity received by the Kerry campaign when Grace wore a Kerry badge on the show. I doubt this helped Kerry any where near as much as all that free favorable publicity from Fox News, CNN, and talk radio.

The show tries to be topical, and I bet it is no coincidence that this aired the same week Bush is in Europe, even if there is no hope he'll be arrested for his war crimes. The week of the election they even aired three endings, one with Bush winning, one with Kerry winning, and one in which the result is not known. It might be worth the price of buying the DVD's when they come out if they include the alternative ending with Kerry winning.


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