Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bush Lectures Putin on Democracy--Who Is Going to Lecture Bush?

The media today is full of reports about Bush talking to Putin about backsliding on Democarcy.

So, when is someone going to speak to Bush?

When is someone going to speak to Bush about his stealing the election in 2000, and then winning reelection by using Soviet-style propaganda and other dishonest means?

When is someone going to speak to Bush about torture and his disregard for the Geneva Convention?

When is someone going to talk to Bush about the Patriot Act?

When is someone going ot speak to Bush about the dangers of concentration of power? Not only are we faced with one-party rule, but his party has been shutting out the opposition party, and has even been purging members of his own party, such as removing Senate committee chairmen who don't go along with the rest.

Under Bush we have a news media which looks more like Pravda than a free press, one party rule, and Soviet-style purges.

It looks like Bush and Putin might have had a lot to talk about. Are we really sure that in private Bush was pushing for democracy, or was he getting Soviet-style suggestions from Putin?


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