Saturday, February 19, 2005

GOP Values Are the Wrong Values

Congressman Fred Upton (who represents a district not far from where I live) has some strange priorities. He celebrated passing a bill he sponsored by saying "Today, we are delivering something of real value to American families."

What is this bill which is of real value to American families? Did he help provide health care for children, something which John Kerry is pushing for and would really help families? Is he helping to reduce poverty, which John Edwards is concentrating on? No, his is providing much less value. His bill increases penalties for indency on the air.

According to Upton, "There must be a level of expectation when a parent turns on the [television] or radio between the family hours that the content will be suitable for children. A parent should not have to think twice about the content on the public airwaves. Unfortunately, that situation is far from reality."

Here's an opposing viewpoint, which I have quoted previously:

"As a free-speech advocate, I often told parents who were complaining about content, you're the first line of responsibility; they put an off button (on) the TV for a reason. Turn it off."

If any Republicans are reading I bet they think I'm quoting some dangerous left winger. Actually this quote is from President George W. Bush. I hope he shows he means what he says and vetos this should it also pass the Senate. A similar bill in the Senate was cosponsored by Senators. Sam Brownback and Joseph Lieberman.


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