Friday, February 25, 2005

Kerry to Address Union Leaders

From The Note:

Sen. John F. Kerry will address more than 400 union leaders and other legislative activists at the opening session of the National Treasury Employees Union's annual legislative conference next Tuesday, March 1, in Washington, DC. The opening session will begin at 9:00 am ET Tuesday in Washington, D.C. NTEU endorsed Sen. Kerry's presidential bid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any information aobut what Kerry said in his address? I would really like to know. I admit one of the moments in the campaign that made me proudest of Kerry was when he refused to cross a picket line, which so-called "centrist" journalists criticized him for but which I found most appealing.
I thought "My god, for the first time since at least Jimmy Carter working people will have a good friend in the Oval Office." Makes the events of November 2, 2004 all the more painful. Good luck in 2008

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