Monday, February 28, 2005

Republican to Oppose Bush's Ban on Stem Cell Research Funds

We've seen plenty of Republicans avoid going along with Bush's plans for Social Security, fearing backlash from the voters (or maybe even realizing it is a bad idea). Some Republicans have questioned Bush's policies in Iraq. Maybe the next foolish Bush policy to come under GOP opposition will be over stem cell research, per this report from the Washington Times:
A Republican congressman will try to repeal President Bush's policy on embryonic stem-cell research when the House Energy and Commerce committee considers a bill to reauthorize the National Institutes of Health budget.

Rep. Charles Bass, New Hampshire Republican, will offer a proposal to repeal the policy Mr. Bush outlined in an August 2001 speech.

Mr. Bush's policy granted federal funding to embryonic stem-cell research for the first time, but limited such funding to research involving a group of stem-cell lines already created at the time. Mr. Bass' proposal would lift that limitation and allow any stem-cell line to be eligible for such funding, as long as it meets certain medical and ethical standards


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