Sunday, December 05, 2004

Peace Activists Light Up The Darkness In Studio City, CA

Last night, the Studio City, California Chamber of Commerce held their 9th annual Christmas Parade. Among the entries in the Studio City Christmas Parade was a large contingent of activists from Neighbors For Peace & Justice and Valley for Kerry. Neighbors For Peace & Justice are well known in the Studio City, CA area. They have held Friday night Peace Vigils for over 2 years in the same location.

Longtime peace activist Ed Asner and his grandson, Jake were among the many participants in the group. Asner told the MC of the Parade how proud he was to be participating in the parade with Neighbors For Peace & Justice, a group so dedicated to peace activism for so long in the area.

Wayne Williams of Valley for Kerry donated his Prius for the parade, adding a touch of environmentalism to the group's presence. Note the sign on the front of the Prius:

Along the parade route, participants handed out candles to parade viewers and few people there to watch parade, even joined the group along the way.

Spectators along the parade route were thrilled to see the members of Neighbors For Peace & Justice as part of the holiday parade and Neighbors For Peace & Justice were grateful to participate in the event. Holiday parades are a great way for activists of all walks to get involved in their local community.

On a final personal note, it was a great pleasure to meet Ed Asner and young Jake (who truly had a blast being in the parade!).


Blogger lisabtrucking said...

Hay Ron Keep up the great work, I love coming here, You always get some of the best pictures. Thanks for your work. Lisabtrucking

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Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Thanks, but these are Pamela's pictures on this story.

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Blogger lisabtrucking said...

OOO' I'm sorry pamela, I have seen your work here also, and you do a great job also. I have to say You both rock. I really love the picture's you both put on the blog.

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Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

Thanks Lisa!

Ron has been posting far more than I have of late...

I've been working on a new website and blog stressing the the values and principles important to the Dems and progressives -

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Blogger Bob Evans said...

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The Guardian

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11:57 PM  

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