Friday, December 03, 2004

Washington Teaches False Sex Information

Congressman Henry Waxler of California studied the material presented in "abstinence-only programs" which are funded for $170 million. They concentrated on the thirteen largest programs, and found that only two were teaching accurate information.

Examples of erroneous information being taught include:

  • HIV can be contracted through sweat and tears
  • Touching genitals can result in pregnancy
  • A 43-day-old fetus is a thinking person
  • Abortion can lead to sterility and suicide
  • Half the gay male teenagers in the US have tested positive for HIV
  • Condoms fail to prevent transmission of HIV in 31% of incidences of heterosexual intercourse

Mr Waxman also criticised some programs for reinforcing sexist stereotypes to children. One, Why Knows, teaches that "Women gauge their happiness and judge their success by their relationships. Men's happiness and success hinge on their accomplishments."

Another programm, Wait Training, teaches: "Just as a woman needs to feel a man's devotion to her, a man has a primary need to feel a woman's admiration. To admire a man is to regard him with wonder, delight, and approval. A man feels admired when his unique characteristics and talents happily amaze her."


Blogger Zulmara said...


This is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe Americans are falling for this. It has long been known that if you lie to kids and they discover it, your credibility is gone and they will no longer believe you.

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