Thursday, December 02, 2004

Kerry Plans Return to NH Saturday To Thank Workers

MANCHESTER — Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts will visit New Hampshire Saturday, a little more than a month after he captured the state in his unsuccessful race for the Presidency.

Democrats billed the event as a way for Kerry to thank the New Hampshire people who volunteered and contributed to his campaign.

The event is slated for 7 p.m. at the Center of New Hampshire Radisson in Manchester.

Shortly after the election, Kerry intimates did not rule out another Presidential bid for the Massachusetts senator. But a top Democrat downplayed any ulterior motives for the visit.

"The elections are four years away. Everyone needs to take a deep breath," said state Democratic Party chairman Kathy Sullivan.

Sullivan said Kerry has been a good friend to the state party, and his campaign people worked well beside the state Democratic Party workers. The campaign also put the resources into the state that allowed Kerry to win, Sullivan said. In 2000, the Al Gore campaign did not provide the television time, mailings and organization needed to win the state.

This year, New Hampshire was the only state won by Kerry that was won by Bush four years ago. Kerry defeated Bush by approximately 9,300 votes.

Sullivan said Kerry's victory helped Democrats elect a Democratic governor, executive councilor, two new state senators and 30 new Democratic state representatives.

Those House Democrats and returning Democrats put their support behind Republican Doug Scamman, who was elected House Speaker.

"We (Democrats) basically elected the speaker today. A lot of credit for that goes to John Kerry," Sullivan said.

The news media will not be invited.


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