Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sticks and Stones Dept: O'Reilly Calls Kerry a Sissy

The right continues to concentrate on personal attacks to distract from the issues, even after the election is over. Bill O'Reilly had some unexpected favorable comments about John Kerry earlier in the year, but he just cannot break free of the Fox News brainwashing.

From the November 30 edition of Westwood One's The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly:

O'REILLY: You got me at 8 o'clock. And everybody knows I was tryin' to be fair to Kerry. You got [Sean] Hannity who thinks Kerry's the devil, and [Alan] Colmes who thinks Kerry is St. Francis of Assisi. They're at 9. So, one guy doesn't like him the other guy loves him. And then, you got [Greta] Van Sustren at 10, whose husband worked for Kerry. Raised money for him. Okay? Do the math. "FOX News attacked me" -- aw, you're a -- he's a sissy. He's a sissy. I knew it when he couldn't throw the ball at Fenway Park -- he's a sissy. You're a sissy.

HILL: And when he called Lambeau Field "Lambert Field" --.

O'REILLY: Yeah, Senator, with all due respect, you're a sissy. Get the kids health insurance, I'm with you -- you're a sissy.

I'd suggest that John Kerry challenge O'Reilly to a duel over being called a sissy, but we know Kerry is above such things.

Maybe we should just sick Terri Gross on O'Reilly again. She did a pretty good job of demolishing him during that interview which O'Reilly couldn't even finish. O'Reilly has always done better on his own show, where he can invent his own facts and shout down his opponents as needed.


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Oh my GAWD! How mature >.>

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