Friday, December 03, 2004

Kos Diary in Support of Kerry

The Real John Kerry

Fri Dec 3rd, 2004 at 21:55:15 EDT

Simply put, there has been a lot of Kerry bashing on this blog. It breaks my heart to see it and I would do anything in my power to change the minds of the Kerry bashers out there. And so I am writing this diary. I intend to respond to all the problems that people have with Kerry, and from that hope to change the minds of at least a few people. What has disappointed me the most is that people are bashing Kerry over his every move. He can do no right. He goes to a funeral for a soldier, but it doesn't matter. He voted for the authority to go to war, so he deserves part of the blame. He joined the recount effort. Too little too late, and he betrayed his supporters by conceding and not fighting.

It doesn't matter what he does, he can do no right. And man, is it frustrating. The democratic party has a sorry history in the way losing presidential candidates are treated. That needs to change.

So, lets start with something that not many people know about John Kerry, the senator. Republicans attacked him over his record, and now some democrats are attacking him over it.

Well, John Kerry has sponsored 57 bills while he was in the Senate over the last 20 years, but his legacy as a Senator will never be about legislation.

His career has been about restoring the public's trust in the government. He has done that by making them obey the law, and its officials to tell the truth. For example:

He took down Oliver North by busting open the
Iran-Contra Scandal. He exposed the connection between the U.S-supported Nicaraguan contras drug trafficking. He was the one who led the committee that took North down. The White House demanded that that the committee be allowed to see only edited portions of the North diaries. Kerry refused and subpoenaed for all diaries.



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I found this site from Bangladesh supporting Kerry during the election. This is a story that didn't make the MSM and I feel this list best describes Democrats in the U.S. A heartfelt thanks to this group. You made my day and reminded me that we have much work to do. In a time when our job market slumped lower then expected, our dollar falling, a disasterous medicaid plan hurting the poorest and most vulnerable part of our society, assistance for higher education cut, and our country still divided on many issues we must stick together and pursue our "moral" convictions as a nation.

I printed this off so anytime I hear or read slanderous and subtle discreminating comments about Democrats I can remind myself that it is the meek who will inherit the Earth.

Thanks Ron!

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