Friday, December 03, 2004

Presidents and Funerals: No Hypocrisy Here

A discussion board has the following comment in a thread discussing the picture of John Kerry I posted here earlier today:

Did President Roosevelt attend any of the funerals of soldiers killed during his administration...did President Truman. How about President Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson or Jimmy Carter. Has any previous President ever attended the funerals of soldiers killed during their watch?????

Why do you hold President Bush to a standard that you hold no other President???


The answer is, yes, most Democratic presidents for whom there is data available have. No hypocrisy here.

Doing quick on line search I have not yet come up with information for Kennedy or Truman. Johnson, Carter, and Clinton all have attended funerals for soldiers who died on their watch.

On the GOP side, Nixon, Bush Sr. and the current President Bush have not attended funerals. Ronald Reagan, a man who I bet would have rejoined the Democrats if he was capable of seeing what the Republicans have degnerated into in the years since he left office, also attended funerals.


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