Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Disclaimer Stickers for Science Textbooks

In light of the prevailing views in this country on religion as opposed to science (The Triumph of Ignorance) text books will never be the same. It's time to fight back against the anti-scientific viewpoints being promoted by the radical right since they have taken power.

Click Here For Some Great Examples of "Disclaimer Stickers for Science Textbooks"


Blogger IFK Editor said...

And now Jerry Falwell is starting his own University to train conservative layers.


And another thing...
How come the conservative right or their leadership likes to bash "Liberal Hollywood values" and the trash on TV, when clearly the ratings are propelling the shows, not some liberal agenda. The solution is simple. Turn off the TV. Unfortunately it's these same moralizers who are watching the vast majority of crap on TV.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Not only are they often the ones who watch the garbage, they are also often the owners of the companies which profit from it.

They'll use Michael Moore as an example of Holliwood, but the guy is from Flint, Michigan.

If they object to Holliwood types endorsing candidates, who can be worse than Brittany Spears--who supported Bush?

Which party had a former actor as President, and currently (as well as in the past) Governor of California.

9:21 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

Those were good Ron, thanks!! If we had any brains we'd print off hundreds and start putting them under the windsheilds at churches, just like they do.

10:55 PM  

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