Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dan Rather Stepping Down as Anchor

Dan Rather is stepping down as anchor of the CBS Evening News in March, 24 years after he took the position. Previously Rather was the White House correspondent, best known for helping to expose Richard Nixon post-Watergate.

Rather has recently been the topic of controversy after both criticizing the right wing attack machine and after apparently being misled to use forged documents in a story on George Bush's National Guard record. The details of the alleged forgery remain under investigation, with the information provided by Rather (beyond the validity of the controversial memos) being verified as accurate. Following this incident he became a target of the right wing's attempts at suppressing free speech and free flow of information.

There is no word yet on his successor as anchor. He will continue working full time at CBS as a correspondent for 60 Minutes and on other assignments. I am hoping that no longer being tied down by the duties of the anchor position will allow him to spend more time on investigative journalism.


Blogger simply-the-best said...

It's a damn shame what they've done to Dan Rather, and I don't blame him one bit, for throwing the towel in. What clinched it for me, was the episode on the environmental record of the candidates. I was expecting the truth to come out on Bush's dismal failings in that area. Instead, they had an 'environmentalist' supporting Bush's theory on Global Warming not being linked to carbon emissions.....Ugh. At that moment I knew Rather had been neutered.
A future in investigative reporting? don't make me laugh, not in this country; that hasn't been allowed since Watergate.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Hopefully Rather can restore investigative reporting to this country. He knows what needs to be done, and hopefully he can do it.

As for his replacement, here's my top three candidates of people we'd like to see but will not really get the spot:

1) Al Franken

2) Keith Olbermann

3) Jon Stewart

10:48 AM  

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