Monday, November 22, 2004

Ammending the Constitution

There's been a lot of talk about ammending the Constitution to allow non-native born Americans to run for President. This has primarily been from Arnold supporters who would like to see him run for President. (After all, who is better prepared to protect us from the impending rise of the machines?)

I doubt that many Republicans will really go for this. First of all, do they really want a socially moderate candidate, considering how they have been ostracizing moderateRepublicans recently? Secondly, if they think about it, they might realize that this could be used to make them face a difficult to beat politician nationally, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who was born in Canada and is currently unable to run for President.

(The picture below is from when I met Governor Granholm at the pool of Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in September. While I had Kerry gear on most days, I happened to see her after having left a hotel bar where I was watching the Michigan football game. Note that at least I watched the game wearing my Michigan for Kerry badge. This is actually part of my plan to be photographed with as many Democratic women as possible--see previous picture of me with Teresa Heinz Kerry.)


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Sunday, February 1, 2004

Granholm gives Kerry her vote

Lt. governor, Rep. Levin will join her on the trail to push Massachusetts senator

By George Weeks / The Detroit News

Gov. Jennifer Granholm endorsed Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry for president Saturday, declaring him “the best Democratic candidate to take on George Bush, take back the White House and get America back on track.”

She made her long-expected announcement in a Farmington Hills studio via a satellite video link with Kerry, who was in Oklahoma campaigning for Tuesday’s seven-state vote that is the final test before Michigan’s Saturday caucus.

After praising Kerry’s jobs program and criticizing President Bush for “enabling the hemorrhaging of jobs,” Granholm told Kerry: “Go get ‘em; bring it on.”

Lt. Gov. John Cherry and U.S. Rep. Sander Levin of Royal Oak, the first member of the Michigan congressional delegation to endorse Kerry, said they will join Granholm on the trail for Kerry.

Kerry, endorsed Friday by the 157,000-member Michigan Education Association, called Granholm, Cherry and Levin “true champions for working families, and I am proud to earn their support.”

Granholm said Kerry “understands what the people of Michigan know: that the country must focus on keeping and creating jobs and on strengthening the things that matter most to us — improving education and reducing the cost of health care.” Democratic State Chairman Butch Hollowell called her endorsement “a big day, a big boost, for John Kerry.”

Kerry and others will descend on Michigan after Tuesday. Ex-Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has concentrated on the state recently. He had a rally at Michigan State University on Thursday and planned to be in Roseville today.

Mark Brewer, executive chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, said as many as 400,000 people might participate in Saturday’s caucus, which will be conducted at nearly 600 sites statewide.

Voting also is allowed by mail and online for those who had applied for ballots by 6 p.m. Saturday. As of that deadline, more than 118,000 had applied, and more than 16,000 already had voted.

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