Friday, November 12, 2004

Knows Her Mind

Newsweek looks at The Unfair Attacks on Teresa Heinz Kerry.

After this picture fromwhen I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa last winter, here's some of their comments:

What we minded is that she knows her mind—and speaks it in all those languages, the show-off! We deemed her too exotic. And, Calvinists that we are, decided that she clearly has too much money and possibly, too much fun.

We found it odd that she made no attempt to hide the fact that she had a life before John Kerry. (What really grated was not that she thinks "it's all about her"--but that she doesn’t think it’s all about him.) Then, too, for all of our purported yearning for authenticity, we balked at her refusal to feign complete absorption in whatever phony political moment was at hand.

Perhaps most unforgivably, she is unself-consciously sexy at 66 and not unaware of her power as a woman. And to the last moment of the campaign, she was true to herself in a way that few of us dare. When speaking to a friend about her critics in the press a few months back, she said, "If I do what they want me to do, there will be nothing left of me." She never let that happen.


Blogger carl hydorn said...

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3:57 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

Alas we must put up w/ the Stetford First Lady......

7:43 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...


I see you "met" our new troll.

He must be one of those red state parasites (in mind set if not geography) who is living off us "liberal elitists." (See

The red state parasites are jealous for the country we have built. They could not stand the peace and prosperity we had after eight years of Bill Clinton (a President I was not fond of at first, but ultimatley I could not argue with success).

They hate us for our freedom and the freedom we advocate. (The Christian Fundamentalists of the GOP are just the other side of the coin of Islamic Fundamentalists, having the same mind set).

8:12 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

Funny... I was the same way concerning Clinton in the beginning, I was for Brown in the primaries back then.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Unfortunately the red-blue divide is making us feel like we have to stick together. In reality there are many good things I could say about Clinton and many bad if not in the perspective of how much worse the Republican alternative now is.

In past years it was also a situation of agreeing and disagreeing with both parties on different issues. While I don't necessarily agree with the Democrats on everything, the amount of damage the Republicans have caused the country under their rule tips the balance far towards the Democrats.

It's pretty bad for the Republicans when people like me even see the Republicans as bieng opposed ot our economic well being, despite the tax cuts we received. Unfortunately far too many people do not realize how Bush's policies even hurt the upper middle class, and many people (whether they realize it or not) are voting against their economic interests. Of course now that the religious right is so dominent in the Republican party, I could see voting against my economic interests to a degree.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

I see you "met" our new troll.

Actually Ron the troll and I were not formally introduced - lol

12:10 PM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

That's a relief. We don't have to worry about the decontamination procedures. Just to be safe, are your vaccines up to date? There's a lot of nasty diseases you can pick up from those trolls.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

Spray the Blog with lysol! Get out the Troll Be Gone!

1:30 PM  
Blogger carl hydorn said...

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3:45 AM  
Blogger carl hydorn said...

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3:47 AM  
Blogger raindog said...

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