Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bush Joke of the Week

Bush dies and is immediately sent down to Hell. Lucifer tells him that he can take his pick from three different rooms, but once a room is passed up, he must continue to the next.

When they get to the first room Lucifer opens the door. Inside is a large swimming pool with Tricky Dick Nixon in it, desparately trying to stay afloat, but submerging and nearly drowning over and over again. Dubya says: "No way, I can't swim!"

Room number two holds Ronald Reagan swinging a huge sledgehammer blasting tons of rock into gravel. Dubya again declines: "I got a bad shoulder, and that looks like hard work."

He arrives at the third room, where Lucifer tells him "You must take this one, or you will burn in the hottest fire for all eternity!"

He opens that door and sees a large bed with Bill Clinton naked on his back. Monica is kneeling between his legs doing what she became famous for. Dubya starts smirking and says, "I think I could live with that!"

Lucifer leads Bush into the room and says, "OK Monica, you may go now."


Blogger Ron Chusid said...

For perhaps a better laugh, check the next blog entry--an item from Craig's List noted at Wonkette.

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