Sunday, August 29, 2004

Kerry Supporters in the San Fernando Valley!

Out on the streets of the San Fernando Valley today there was a lot of Kerry action going on...

A trip to the Studio City Farmer's Market found a large crew manning the Kerry Table that has been there for well over a year now. I found the group to enthusiastic and well informed on Kerry's positions. Also down the way from the Kerry table was Studio City Neighbors for Peace & Justice who also had a wealth of anti-Bush material.

I was wearing my favorite "No More Bushit 2004" t-shirt, which always get's a wealth of postive commentary. I ran into Tony who was sporting a classic, "He's Not My President" t-shirt. We had a mini protest of our own going on!

After the Farmer's Market I headed over to the local Raplh's supermarket in NoHo (North Hollywood) and I was pleasantly surprised by this new addition to the local tabling effort...


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