Thursday, August 26, 2004

O'Neill In Cambodia

We got lucky with the finding of the tape of O'Neill saying he was in Cambodia (per the previous posting here), contradicting his current statements. While there's been plenty of evidence backing Kerry's side on the other questions raised by the Swift Boat Liars, there has been no good evidence for either side on the Cambodia issue. Some articles have come out arguing that it was possible for Kerry's account to have been true, but no good evidence.

The Cambodia question came down to a question of Kerry's word versus O'Neill's word. All of us here (other than the trolls) were already willing to take Kerry's word over O'Neill's, especially considering the number of lies his group was already caught in.

Finding the tape of O'Neill's statement that he was in Cambodia clinched this issue for Kerry on two counts. It further tipped the balance, if this was necessary, as to who to believe if it should come down to Kerry's word versus O'Neill's word. It also makes Kerry's report of having been in Cambodia sound much more plausible now that we know that O'Neill was there.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You still believe John was in cambodia? He has admitted it wasnt true????

1:02 AM  

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