Friday, August 27, 2004

They Voted for Bush in 2000; Kerry in 2004

Now that Kerry has been hurt by negative advertising, there have been some suggestions that Kerry needs to go negative. There may be some need to hit Bush harder, and I suspect that Kerry plans to do so as we get closer to the election, but there are also risks to running negative ads. Here's my suggestion as to how to somewhat go negative while minimizing the risks of being perceived as negative.

I suggest a series of ads (if they would be willing to go along) of prominent people who have endorsed Kerry saying they supported Bush in 2000, but now are supporting John Kerry.

I'd start this with Lee Iococa, who did ads for Bush in 2000 but now supports Kerry, and have him talk about the economy.

I'd include the retired generals and national security experts who have endorsed Kerry, the Nobel Award winning scientists, the economists, and business leaders. This would highlight the major issue, and have people attack Bush for his failings, without Kerry appearing to be negative. Such a series could also generate some media buzz, and we've seen with recent ads how the media can greatly increase the impact of ads.

As long as I'm laying out my fantasy ad series, I'd conclude it just before the election with Donald Trump repeating what he has said in interviews, both that the economy does better under Democrats, and that he'd fire George Bush for his handling of Iraq.


Blogger jjbangulos said...

I think is a wonderful idea. I Emailed yesterday, the DNC suggesting for John Kerry or the DNC to enlist Generals and Admirals counter attacking the lies about John's war record. It is a great idea to have important people, such us Economist, CEOs, Army Veterans, and many others speaking in favor of Kerry/Edwards's ideas for the future. I voted against the President in 2000 and I will vote against the President in 2004.

Juan B. Angulo
Dallas, Texas

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Kerry campaign needs to do a few things quickly.

The first is to fire whoever is doing oppo research and running their war room. To be kind the operation sucks. A blind man could have predicted that Rove was going to do something "negative" (as you will note even I did and got pilloried for it) and he will do more. Someone right now needs to have a list of "the next 10 Karl issues" and get a grip on them.

The second is to hire some competent surrogates. I give up how many times are we going to see Ted Devine pistol whipped on one show after another or Stephanie Cutter have her chair ripped out from under her.

The third is to find someone to do some opo research polling on Bush and glue together where he is venerable with the voters. My guess (and its only that) would be on the misstatements (lies) he made about Iraq and what would happen there. He seems to be getting a complete pass in terms of pre war predictions that have turned out to be lies or at least not true. If we are going to negative ads, thats where we need to be. JK himself did a pretty good one the other day talking abotu Shrub as a flip floper.

Where the heck are the ads comparing Bush and Kerry in their 20's?
Well where the heck is the ad.

Next do a better job of the non coordination with the 527's. Rove has done a masterful job with the Swift boat thing. Our 527's are to well faniciful so much as to be ludicrious.

Finally stop telling people "its OK JK is a closer" or "insert happy smoke here". We have lost hte bubble; it may yet come back if the people turn on this line of attack...but what Rove is counting on is that By the time the folks who are attacked turn and fight back all it looks like is being mean spirited. We have fallen into that traop.

as I noted on hte Kerry blog we are in a fight with a Master...Rove and so far he is just pounding our stuff.

Robert G. Oler

1:33 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

We're just experiencing a little "equal time", courtesy of the newsmodels and pollsters. How would they make any money if they reported that this election is all over except for the voting. I've got people in my town who I never thought would vote Kerry saying they've had it with Bush for one reason or other. I haven't seen on Bush/Cheney sign or sticker anywhere. In 2000 that's all I saw. I think people need to take a walk and talk to their neighbors instead of listening to the newsliars all day long.

Anyway, here's a great addition to the Kerry endorsements:

HOUSTON, Aug. 27 - Ben Barnes, a former speaker of the Texas House who has said he got George W. Bush into the National Guard in 1968, told an audience of John Kerry supporters in Austin on May 27 that he was ashamed of his role.

"I walked through the Vietnam Memorial the other day," Mr. Barnes said, according to a videoclip posted on the Internet this summer, "and I looked at the names of people who died in Vietnam and I became more ashamed of myself than I've ever been because the worst thing I did was get a lot of wealthy supporters and a lot of people who had family names of importance into the Guard and I'm very sorry about that and I apologize to you and the voters of Texas."

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i voted for bush in 2000 and i am going to vote for bush in 2004. i wish the democratic party could have come up with someone better to run for election against bush but they did not. this is the reason i will vote for bush in 2004. i looked up kerrys votiong records in the senate anyone can look these up and should if they want to make an educated decision in 2004 his voting record in the senate is more inportant to me than what happened over 30 years ago i hope most people dont vote on the ads that people are running i hope everyone votes on the records that they find that are fact like senate records ofr kerry and bushs pres. record and they vote for the one they feel will most benefit them both of them has skeletons form long ago i hope people dont vote on what these 2 men did in their younger days i hope no one would juste me from 20 of 30 years ago. lets look at the real issues and vote for the person we want the most (kerry or bush) please dont vote by what these internet sites tell you vote for you either way that way ypu will be part of this process dont vote the way people tell you to get the facts and if you look up senate records on defense spending you will be better informed

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was undecided until I looked up Kerry's record too, and I was impressed with it.

I find him to be most interested in reforming government so that things like "buying a candidate" can't happen. The way it stands now, the only people really doing well under the Bush Administration are the ones who paid to get him into office. For example, his oil friends are raking in the dough. Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, stands to benefit greatly from work they will be hired to do in Iraq.

And, Bush has the record for the largest job loss since the depression. The national debt is also a record levels. In the last 3 1/2 Bush has taken the debt from surplus (more money in than going out) to record DEBT!

And then there's Iraq... If you're President, you're not allowed to make that many "unintentioanal" mistakes. "But we really, really, thought there were WMDs!!"

Kerry is a "fiscal conservative" and his record shows that. He has also sponsored or supported some very important legislation in the areas of individual rights, and in favor of families and children. And yet, he will not support spending unless it is properly budgeted.

He was elected to the Senate 4 times without a dime of lobbyists money. The only senator ever to do that!

And, he is very intelligent and rational and seems to understand the importance of making the right decision when it comes to the life and death matters of war.

We don't have the military power to go out and destroy all the evil in the world. But, we can persuade and encourage all the good people to support us (instead of alienating them and creating more international hate than ever).

From his record, I have seen without a doubt that Kerry is in politics "for the people".

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi.I`m Dan from Eugene ,Oregon.I hope someone thinks enough of my spin on this to send it on to some decision maker.I dont know how.

I think that the 12 generals and admirals should make an ad saying that Bush knows how to deliver a speech that makes him LOOK to the public that he is better on national security but that these issues are complicated and that they know from their great expertise that Kerry actually IS much better.They might challenge retired generals and admirals who endorse Bush to a series of debates on this.In the ad they might have a segment with 15 seconds of a Bush speech on national security followed by a 15 second segment by a hollywood actor like Martin Shean who played the Preeident on the "West Wing" with the same words as Bush and then say that any actor could look just as good as Bush on these issues so listen to the generals who have the experience to evaluate his performance on these complex issues.

5:10 PM  

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