Thursday, December 18, 2003

What's new on The New Republic?

Diary of a Dean-o-Phobe - by, Jonathan Chait
Introducing Jonathan Chait's new anti-Dean blog:

"It's not entirely clear to me why I've taken such an intense dislike to Howard Dean. Yes, I find him arrogant and frequently dishonest. Yes, I'm certain his nomination would lead to a political disaster of historic, and possibly biblical, proportions. And, yes, I'm continuously dumbfounded that a number of highly intelligent people I know have convinced themselves that his nomination is a good thing, or at least that it's not an unambiguously bad thing. But somehow the whole of my loathing for Dean is greater than the sum of its parts. So I've decided to start a blog on TNR's website to indulge that loathing."

"I realize that there is a certain irony here. Earlier this year I wrote a piece for TNR that defended hatred of President Bush. (I argued that hating Bush may lead to irrationality--rooting against the capture of Saddam Hussein, or, say, nominating Howard Dean--but it's not irrational in and of itself.) But recently I'm finding that Dean hatred is crowding out Bush hatred in my mental space. It's not that I think Dean would be a worse president than Bush--he'd probably be better, although that's extremely faint praise given that Bush is the worst president of the last 80 years. Bush is like the next-door neighbor who lets his dog poop on your lawn and his kid shoot bb's at your house and who says something irritating to you every day on his way to work. Dean, on the other hand, is like the ne'er-do-well who's dating your daughter. You realize the neighbor is a worse person than the boyfriend, but the boyfriend (and the frightening prospect that he'll become your son-in-law) consumes more of your attention."


I see the need for a new MeetUp... Dean-o-Phobe's Anonymous!

My name is Pamela and I am a Dean-a-Phobe. I never dated Dean, I have been committed to Kerry right from the start.

I must agree with Jonathan Chait, Dean really scares me. He's volatile, and quite frankly I just don't get the attraction. The more Dean supporters assail myself and other Kerry supporters, the more turned off I am. For a long time I went along with the let's not pick on Dean stance, but I am tired of the fact that he has trounced all over the Democratic Party and seems to feel that he is entitled to the nomination!

Three Cheers to Jonathan Chait for Diary of a Dean-o-Phobe.

Coming soon to a MeetUp near you... Dean-o-Phobe's Anonymous...


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