Sunday, December 14, 2003

Affordable Health Care for All Americans
Remarks by John Kerry at Mercy Medical

December 14, 2003

Cedar Rapids, IA -

Seven months ago, I unveiled my health care plan at Mercy Medical in Des Moines. On that day, I vowed to fight for the day when affordable health care is a right, not a privilege, for every American. I vowed to fight for the 40 million uninsured Americans who have no coverage -- including the nearly quarter of a million who live right here in Iowa. I vowed to fight for senior citizens forced to choose between their meals and their medicine. And I vowed to fight harder than any other candidate in this race for the millions and millions of Americans with and without health insurance who fear opening their medical bills. Americans who cannot afford their health care are the unheard majority in this debate. They're not silent, they've just been ignored. No more. I will be the President who makes their voices heard.

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