Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Decrying the Bush Administration’s failure to protect and create high technology jobs and America’s jobless recovery, John Kerry unveiled a comprehensive plan today to create jobs, invest in technology, and build a 21st Century workforce to compete in a global economy.

This agenda starts with jumpstarting job creation. We’ve lost over 425,000 high-tech jobs under George Bush’s watch. Certainly, Silicon Valley has been hit hard. And people here are hurting. California’s high tech industry lost 123,000 tech jobs in one year, and your economy’s been hurt by the loss of billions in high-tech exports,” said John Kerry. “But all of us know that high-tech America stretches across our land. Places like New Hampshire thrived in the late 1990s as high-tech companies grew. New Hampshire lost 8,400 high-tech jobs in 2001 alone. That’s 18% of its tech jobs! We need to bring back high-tech jobs – from Manchester to Mountain View and everywhere in between.

Kerry’s five-point technology plan will:

Encourage innovation to create high paying jobs: Kerry’s plan includes mechanisms to create jobs in the technology sector by supporting new investments in small technology companies and supporting advanced technology.

Assure America has cutting edge technology for the future: Kerry would make more spectrum available for experimentation with new, more efficient technologies and radios and providing a tax credit to telecommunications companies that deploy broadband in rural and underserved parts of America.

Make America more competitive by strengthening our markets: John Kerry would empower innovators by cracking down on trade and intellectual property violations and enhance confidence with strong corporate accountability:

Train a workforce prepared for the jobs of the 21st century: Kerry will work to assure every child a world class education and make college as universal as high school.

Using technology to improve quality of life: Kerry will work to assure every child a world class education and improve health through Stem Cell research.

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