Monday, November 24, 2003


Here's my coalition, which includes my first choice for President:

John Kerry for President
Sen. John Edwards for Attorney General
General Wesley Clark for Secretary of Defense
Governor Howard Dean for Secretary of Health and Human Resources
Ambassador Carol Mosely Braun for Secretary of State
Senator Joe Lieberman for Secretary of the Treasury
Congress Dennis Kucinich for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Reverand Al Sharpton for Secretary of Education

For the first time in our history we’d have a real administration with real leaders in all the important positions. But my point is:

Why doesn’t each of the candidates commit himself or herself to including all the other candidates in the government? Then, instead of having one victorious presidential candidate who has to convince the backers of the “losers” to lick wounds and join him, the whole group would start seeing the effort as a group enterprise.

After all, the name of the game is getting rid of the Bushies and getting the country back on track. If you’re all together, how can you lose?


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