Monday, November 24, 2003


Monday, November 24

“Another priority of the federal government will be to have a Medicare system of which we can be proud, a Medicare system that will include prescription drugs for all seniors, a Medicare system that understands that some seniors have to choose between food and medicine. That’s not our vision for the country,” Bush said.

When: November 4, 2000

Here's who will benefit from the Medicare Bill under consideration:

- The Pharmaceutical Industry: $139 Billion In Windfall Profits Over Eight Years, a 30% Profit Increase. Continues to block re-importation of safe American drugs from Canada. [Washington Post, 10/31/03; Boston University Health Reform Program, 10/31/03; Associated Press, 11/22/03]
- Private Insurance Companies: $12 Billion In Subsidies to compete with Medicare and other incentives [Associated Press, 11/22/03]
- Nursing Homes and Hospitals: “Bar Medicare from capping the amount it covers for various therapies offered by health care providers such as nursing homes.” [Washington Post, 11/22/03]


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