Sunday, November 23, 2003

Kudos to the Kerry Campaign from The Left Coaster:

Sunday :: Nov 23, 2003

Kerry and Dean Begin Counterattack to RNC Ad

Either as a sign of desperation at falling poll numbers, or an attempt to test drive a theme for next year at a small cost of only $100,000, the Republican National Committee began running an ad this weekend in Iowa questioning the patriotism of Democrats who attack Bush’s war on terrorism. Although the message doesn’t go so far as calling Democrats unpatriotic for attacking Bush for his alleged war on terror, the basic message is that the Democrats are wrong for attacking a president who is fighting a war on terror....

Democrats on the weekend chatfests went on the attack against the ad, and John McCain regrettably defended the ad.

And Sen. Ted Kennedy, appearing with McCain on "This Week," said the ad was "an attempt to stifle dissent." "They are basically in this ad saying if you're questioning this policy, you're against the war on terror," the Massachusetts Democrat said. "That's wrong."...

But in a particularly impressive example of quick response media, both the Howard Dean and John Kerry campaigns already have response ads rolling out against the ad and the Bush campaign as early as tomorrow in Iowa. No other campaigns appear to be as quick to the draw as the Dean and Kerry camps, and better still, the Kerry campaign already has their ad posted to their website tonight.

Good for them, and the Kerry ad is pretty damn good to boot.


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