Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Kerry Picks Up Significant Support Since the Jefferson Jackson Dinner
Has Over 1/3 of the Iowa Democratic Caucus

December 01, 2003

Des Moines, IA -

The Kerry Campaign announced today that twenty-three of Iowa’s state legislators have pledged their support for John Kerry along with the post-JJ endorsement of several prominent Iowans. Representative Dave Jacoby expressed his backing personally to John Kerry at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner on Saturday, November 15. He had been undecided prior to the dinner but was impressed by Kerry’s solid ‘Real Deal’ message of standing up to special interests and the strength and enthusiasm that his supporters displayed in the event. Representative Donovan Olson, from Boone, pledged his support for Kerry in the days following the event, citing Kerry’s strong record on the environment and his plan to get America’s economy back on track.

Support for Kerry has increased significantly during the weeks after the Jefferson Jackson event, and his backers now include influential Iowans such as Larry Gibbs, Clayton County Supervisor; Dave Hogan, President of Carpenters Local 308; Barb Edmonson, the only elected Democratic official in Washington County; Chuck Taylor, Fayette County Chair; Dennis Starling, former State Senate candidate from Clinton County; Don Wanatee, State Central Committee Member from Tama County and Gloria Goll, Hancock County Chair.

The total number of sitting legislators publicly supporting John Kerry continues to be more than that of Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean combined, and double that of any other candidate. Kerry’s supporters include Democratic leaders Mary Mascher, the Minority Whip in the Iowa House of Representatives and Brian Quirk, Assistant Leader in the Iowa House. The list of all of the State Legislators is attached.

John Kerry said, “I was thrilled to be at the Iowa JJ dinner, and can’t tell you how much it means to me to continue to earn the support of so many of Iowa’s public officials and prominent leaders. Their endorsement is important to me because I respect and admire them as public servants, and together we can help put this nation back track to promise and prosperity. Together, we can offer Americans the real deal.”

Along with these new endorsements, John Kerry has the support of over 1000 veterans – over a third of whom have never caucused before; a growing list of influential labor leaders including some prominent AFSCME presidents; the Iowa International Association of Firefighters; the Iowa Utility Workers Union of America; and a diverse group of distinguished community leaders from all across the state who will mobilize caucus goers in support of John Kerry.

State Legislature Endorsements (as of 11/30)

Paul Bell

Deborah Berry

Swati Dandekar

Jane Greimann

Lisa Heddens

Dave Jacoby

Pam Jochum

Mary Mascher

Jo Oldson

Donovan Olson

Bob Osterhaus

Janet Peterson

Brian Quirk

Mark Smith

Roger Thomas

Roger Wendt

Dennis Black

Mike Connolly

Jack Hatch

Jack Kibbie

Matt McCoy

Roger Stewart

Steve Warnstadt


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