Wednesday, December 03, 2003

John Kerry Marks World AIDS Day with Comprehensive Plan to Combat HIV/AIDS Epidemic

December 01, 2003

Today on World AIDS day, John Kerry released a comprehensive global AIDS plan. John Kerry will ensure that the United States truly leads the international community’s effort to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic not through words but through deeds – through increased resources, programs driven by science not ideology, and tangible and meaningful support for multilateral efforts, particularly the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

John Kerry said, “As we mark World AIDS Day, we must realize that the health of the entire world is at stake. AIDS is a threat to our humanity, and the greatest public health crisis of our time. But AIDS is also fundamentally a threat to our national security, as countries weakened by the disease can become breeding grounds for terrorist activity. We need a president who combines compassion and courage in combating this killer. I have led the fight to combat this epidemic at home and abroad during my time in the Senate, and will continue to fight the AIDS crisis every day of my presidency by providing $30 billion to fight global AIDS, moving towards universal treatment of AIDS victims around the world, and increasing the funding for AIDS treatment right here in the United States. We will not back down from this fight on my watch, because nothing less than our global security depends on our success.”
John Kerry is the author of the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS bill ever to pass the Senate and a proven fighter to expand funding for US bilateral and global AIDS programs

He has proposed a comprehensive plan to respond to the global and domestic HIV/AIDS crisis.


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