Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Ending the Era of John Ashcroft

John Kerry visited Iowa State University on Monday, and gave a speech about ending the era of John Ashcroft. It is no understatement to call John Ashcroft and his policies a threat to civil Libertarians.

Please read the text of Senator Kerry’s speech, and allow me to offer my thoughts here:

Having a clean environment, a strong economy, and health care for all matter little in a country where the government has no regard for my basic civil liberties. For me, this is one of the biggest issues of this campaign.

Reading the speech John Kerry gave at ISU yesterday just energizes me!

The Bush administration has been masters at using fear to control. They used the natural fear we had after 9/11 to get this Patriot Act passed (even the name suggested what fate would meet anyone who opposed its passage).

They have used our fear to attempt to control us; they have exploited our pain regarding 9/11; and they have hidden behind the excuse that "we are at war" to stifle every criticism of their abusive actions.

The Bush administration has been a true horror for those of us who put our freedom first. John Kerry is right -- John Ashcroft must go! Four more years of this, and who knows where we will be?

We must stand with John Kerry and fight for the thing we cherish most as Americans -- our freedom.

This is WHY the next election is so crucial. Because without our Constitutional rights, our civil liberties, our very freedom, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.


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