Thursday, December 25, 2003

Kerry visits as Iowa Caucus race heats up in final month

By Bryon S. Houlgrave, News Editor

Packed into a standing-room only tractor showroom at the Floyd County Museum, eight-year-old Bailey Wetherell ran his hand into the air and outlasted eager inquiries of what Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) could do for Iowa if he was elected President of the United States. Bailey, from Iowa City, held onto his patience as topic after topic was addressed, from No Child Left Behind to health insurance to keeping the nation's V.A. hospitals.

Bailey, in town visiting his grandparents, Jim and Deb McNeilus, awaited his turn. Then, Senator Kerry approached him and asked this young American what he would like to know.

Bailey didn't ask about the failing health care system. He didn't ask about the Senator's impression of the nation's economy. It wasn't the Senator's solution for the conflict in the Middle East he wanted summed up either. Bailey simply wanted to know why.

"Why do you want to be President," he asked.

The Massachusetts senator smiled and replied, "So kids like you have a better world to grow up in."

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