Saturday, December 20, 2003

John Kerry Offers Plan to Reduce Dependence on Mideast Oil and Create 500,000 Jobs

John Kerry continued to push his plan for national security today with a visit to a New Hampshire school where students study energy use and conservation technologies. After examining the students’ work in building an energy efficient vehicle, Kerry discussed his plan to make the United States a safer, cleaner, stronger nation by reducing our dependence on Mideast oil and creating 500,000 jobs in new energy industries.

“Being part of a green school, you’re not just answering your teachers’ questions about the latest chapter in your science books. You’re answering questions that America’s future, your future, depends on,” said John Kerry. “We need a new Manhattan Project to make America energy independent of Middle East oil in 10 years by creating alternative fuels like ethanol and wind power and by making our cars more efficient. We’ll create half a million new jobs here at home at the same time – and we’ll never have to send our sons and daughters to war for Mideast oil.”
John Kerry spoke with Hopkinton Middle/High School students who participate in the State’s Solar on Schools program, started under Governor Jeanne Shaheen. Schools participating in the program integrate alternative energy into their science curriculums and take steps to install solar panels. Kerry congratulated them on their commitment to reducing our dependence on foreign oil and improving our environment.

John Kerry’s energy plan includes a new Energy Security and Conservation Trust fund to capitalize on the commercialization of new technologies that will reduce America’s dependence on Mideast oil. Kerry also pledged to make vehicles more fuel-efficient and to improve efficiency and conservation in our homes, offices, schools and cities. He has proposed investment in hydrogen energy technology and setting a goal to produce 20% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

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