Tuesday, December 23, 2003

John Kerry Announces Key Endorsements from State Leaders
More Activists Changing Minds and Joining Kerry

December 23, 2003

Des Moines, IA -

Today, the Kerry Campaign announced the support of several prominent Iowans, including Representative Mary Gaskill – the 24th state legislator to throw their support behind Kerry – Paulee Lipsman, staff director of the Iowa House and Susan Pamperin, the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party in Scott County, the 3rd largest county in the state.

Representative Mary Gaskill pledged her support for Kerry at a Women for Kerry event in Ottumwa last Thursday evening. Gaskill, who represents (93rd legislative district) Wapello, County is serving her first term. She said, "Kerry is a leader who combines military service, foreign policy experience and a lifelong record of standing up to powerful interests. He has the most support of any candidate in the Iowa state house because my colleagues recognize that he has the vision and ability to get this country back on track."

Paulee Lipsman, staff director of the Iowa House and former DNC delegate announced her support for Kerry, after initially backing Senator Joe Lieberman. *Lipsman, known for years of leadership in the Iowa Democratic Party, has already jumped right in to begin working on behalf of Kerry. On her endorsement Lipsman said, "Kerry has a solid commitment to rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy so we can invest in education and health care. Iowans know that John Kerry has the best chance to send George Bush and his radical policies back to Texas. "The Kerry Campaign proudly has the support of over a third of the Democratic Caucus in the Iowa Legislature, more than double that of any other candidate. Many of the other new endorsements are from Iowans who have switched alliances with other candidates.

The announcement comes on the heels of Kerry's four day visit in Iowa that included a meeting with Linn County nurses on his plan to control spiraling healthcare costs, an unprecedented televised live town hall with undecided voters, a speech outlining his vision for post-Hussein foreign policy, and a swing through Southeast Iowa where he connected directly with voters and shared his blueprint for changing America in the first 100 days of a Kerry Administration.

The pledges of support by these battle-tested democratic activists reflect the strength and depth of Kerry's operation in Iowa and will translate into significant mobilization of caucus goers in their respective areas. Kerry will continue to pick up support this week as he continues his Fighting for Working Americans tour across Iowa, including his 24-hour campaign day during which he will visit working Iowans at work, including factory workers, child care providers, fire fighters, nurses, small business owners and farmers.

Also giving Kerry their backing are the following key community leaders:

Stu Barns, President of the Des Moines Police Union
**Jodi Ewing, Monona County Vice Chair and former Iowa House candidate
**Beth Ferree, from Panora
Tom Flynn, Former State Senator from Dubuque
Wes Garvey, the Mayor of Somers and the Calhoun County chair
Janet Hanson, AFSCME local President in Cherokee
**Dave Hogan, President of Carpenters Local 308 in Cedar Rapids
Bob Holstein, Harrison County Dem Chair
**Ann Klees, Allamakee County Chair
Mark Shearer, Former State Senator from Washington County
John Tekippe, President of Des Moines Firefighters Union
***Rita Vargas, Scott County Recorder

*Switched from Lieberman to Kerry
**Switched from Dean to Kerry
***Switched from Edwards to Kerry


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