Thursday, March 16, 2006

John Kerry on Halliburton’s Failure to Provide Purified Water to U.S Troops in Iraq

AP News reports the Pentagon will investigate investigate allegations by a Halliburton Co. water expert that Halliburton endangered U.S. troops in Iraq by "failing to provide safe shower and laundry water."
The most serious allegation came from the company's water treatment manager in the war zone whose internal report said troops and civilians in Iraq were left vulnerable to "mass sickness or death."

A former Halliburton water expert who found contamination at the Ar Ramadi base a year ago said he was told by superiors not to advise the military or senior company officials of his discovery.
John Kerry released the following statement regarding the report that Halliburton has failed to provide purified water to our troops in Iraq:
The ugly details of Halliburton’s role in Iraq are more complete today. With this latest revelation, we are reminded again of the negligence and arrogance of some who would put corporate profits ahead of the welfare of America’s troops.”


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