Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feingold Called Flip-Flopper on Iraq

It was only a matter of time. Whenever Republicans are on the wrong side of the argument they try to avoid a real discussion of the issue by claiming their opponent has flip-flopped. They must think that Americans are all suffering from short term memory loss if they think they can still pull this off. Media Matters reports on Sean Hannity (who clearly has some type of CNS disorder affecting judgment and honesty) claiming Russ Feingold flip-flopped on his opposition to the Iraq war.

Hannity quoted statements from Feingold as to Saddam being ” exceptionally dangerous and brutal” leaving out Feingold’s statements as to why he opposed use of military force at the time. We’ve seen this all before. How many times have I seen similarly dishonest people, from both the left and right, cherry pick similar statements from John Kerry, such as in his Georgetown speach, ignoring his appeal not to rush to war? Similarly we’ve had the occasional snarky comment from people supporting other candidates arguing that Kerry should not run due to the way he has been characterized. This should demonstrate that if Russ Feingold can be called a flip-flopper on Iraq, they can invent such charges on anyone.


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