Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gallactica Spoilers

The season finale of Battlestar Gallactica has been a common topic of discussion all over the blogosphere. Assuming he left the cosmic reset switch behind from his Star Trek days, and Baltar isn’t just having a bad Pamela Ewing moment which he’ll wake up from, Ron Moore has really shaken things up in this cliffhanger.

It is often said that science fiction places events in a fictional universe to allow writers to say things about contemporary society which they might otherwise not be able to say on television. On BSG, New Caprica has a new President who is not up to the task and is largely responsible for the success of their enemies. You can’t trust Gaius Baltar with colonial security any more than you can trust George Bush with our national security.

Blogonymous has the best photo-comment to tie Battlestar Gallactica into contemporary America:

Rove and Cylon

In his image, Karl Rove has assumed the Presidency and reasures the American people as the Cylons take over.

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