Friday, March 10, 2006

Bush Approal Continues to Fall

Add the AP-Ipsos poll to those which show Bush’s approval down to a new low for the year at 37%, tying his lowest levels of 2005. A majority also prefer that Democrats control Congress by a margin of 47% to 36%.

Bush Worshipper sites continue to claim that the poll results are a product of liberal bias. It is surprising that anyone would not realize the validity of Bush’s slide considering that 1) every poll is showing the same results, 2) Bush’s policies are contrary to the country’s interests, 3) the guy is incompetent, and 4) he lacks ethical principles.

One common argument is that the polls are over sampling Democrats. If people are giving Bush a low approval rating and believe that Democrats should control Congress, it is no surprise that they are more likely to identify themselves as Democrats at the moment. Besides, adjusting the results to reduce the number of Democrats to previous levels only increases Bush’s approval slightly.


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