Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Statement by John Kerry on the Passing of Dana Reeve

Dana Reeve widow of actor Christopher Reeve, passed away late yesterday in New York. Dana Reeve was diagnosed with lung cancer 7 months ago. John Kerry released the following statement today on her passing:

“It is impossible to put into words the quiet strength and incredible courage Dana Reeve demonstrated in the way she lived her life. With Chris, she gave voice to a movement to find life-saving cures and promote medical research, and when she lost her inspiration and love she didn’t stop the fight. Only days after Chris’ death she continued to give hope to millions of Americans. She was an inspiration to me and to us all. Chris was America’s superhero, and Dana became our hero, too.

“Teresa and I loved them both, and we are deeply saddened by Dana’s passing. She was a steadfast partner to her husband, a loving mother, a talented artist, and an amazing caregiver who showed incredible grace fighting for her husband and then for her own life. Will, Matthew and Alexandra will be in our thoughts and prayers.”

Dana Reeve and John Kerry, pictured here after Reeve introduced Kerry at a campaign event - Oct. 21, 2004


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