Thursday, March 10, 2005

Who Needs Those Socialist Free Roads Anyways?

In return for lower taxes, we get a bigger deficit, and (the dream of the far right) more toll roads:

Congress Paving the Way for Tolls on Interstates

Legislation backed by the Bush administration would let states charge drivers fees to fund new highways or to reduce rush-hour traffic.

By Richard Simon
Times Staff Writer

March 10, 2005

WASHINGTON — With traffic congestion growing worse — and state and federal budgets as red as the brake lights from cars backed up on a Los Angeles freeway — Congress is moving toward relaxing a decades-old restriction on tolls on interstate highways.

The legislation, backed by the Bush administration, would give states greater authority to impose tolls to reduce gridlock.

These charges could be levied to raise money for new highway construction. Or motorists could be charged varying tolls during the day, with higher tolls in effect during rush hours to nudge drivers into making some of their trips during less busy times.



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