Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bloggers Flip Flopping on the Kerry Attacks

Bill Maher has been saying a lot lately that we cannot just oppose things working back from the idea that we hate Bush. I think he missed the boat here. We oppose the things Bush does, and Bush is unique in proposing objectionable ideas so consistently. On the other hand, there may be some truth to this idea with regards to John Kerry and parts of the liberal blogosphere.

We've heard repeated complaints that John Kerry wasn't aggressive enough in pushing his message and that is why he lost. (Never mind that, while some things could have been done better, Kerry was often aggressive, but the media just didn't bother to cover what he had to say.) Now Kerry is being attacked for the opposite. MyDD attacks Kerry for recommending that Democrats should propose a plan rather than just waiting for the Republicans to self destruct over Social Security.

Kerry is right in wanting to take the initiative. I've argued the same recently. We cannot just sit back and wait for the Republicans to self destruct. It hasn't happened in the last four years, and it won't just happen now.

As I warned earlier, Bush is a master at flip flopping. He will change his proposals, such as he did with Medicare reform and Homeland Security, in order to be able to say he passed something. They guy's even known for taking credit for measures passed in Texas which he actually opposed at the time.

We are risking the support of the young--the same people who supported Kerry in 2004. While most oppose Bush's plans, many of the young are interested in Bush's proposals. They believe the claims that they Social Security will go broke, and compared to this anything looks good.

My suspicion remains that the Republicans will ultimately come to a compromise which includes add on investment accounts, as was advocated by Bill Clinton. Why let them take the credit, while the Democrats just look like the party which is saying no while proposing nothing of their own? After all, isn't this what the Republicans are accusing us of virtually every day?

Jerome also notes the Zogby poll which shows Bush still winning if they voted today, but this is rather meaningless. First, there is the bandwagon effect with many people going over to the winner. Secondly, Bush has dominated the news to a degree far greater than in any campaign. Bush has had the State of the Union along with all his other public appearances, while Kerry has hardly been in the news lately. If there really was a new vote, we'd be hearing a lot more from Kerry. Fortunately we are hearing from him now on Social Security, and I hope the Democratic leadership takes his advice.


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