Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bad News for the GOP on Social Security

It looks like Bush's idea for private accounts just isn't catching on--and is risking political damage for the GOP. A bad idea--but what else would you expect from the guy who predicted in 1978 that Social Security would go bankrupt in ten years? The latest news:

Personal accounts tank in polls, GOP says

Associated Press

The heart of President Bush's plan for Social Security, allowing younger workers to create personal accounts in exchange for a lower guaranteed government benefit, is among the least popular elements with the public, Republican pollsters told House GOP leaders Tuesday.

The pollsters also stressed the political stakes involved in pursuing Bush's plan to overhaul the Depression-era program, according to a memo circulated at a session in the Capitol.

Older voters consider a candidate's views on Social Security to be "as important, or in some cases, more important than issues like the war, health care and education," they wrote.



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