Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cheney: Privitize Social Security, Or Else?

Bloomberg reports that Bush is turning to Dick Cheney to sell private Social Security accounts. They note that "Vice President Dick Cheney has been President George W. Bush's go-to guy on national security. Now Bush is counting on Cheney to do the same on Social Security."

Bush doesn't understand that people just don't want his plan. It's a bad idea. While Cheney was able to sell the voters on other bad ideas, such as the invasion of Iraq and reelecting George Bush on the terrorism issue, in this case I do not believe it will work.

Dick Cheney is the wrong messenger for this cause. His message won't translate well to Social Security privitization. S
ure it fooled people on national security in the last election, but nobody's going to fall for the line that terrorists will attack us if we don't privitize Social Security.


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