Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Kerry Fortifies War Chest, Keeps Momentum for 2008

There has already been a lot of speculation for the 2008 election, which has been discussed here in recent days. There are certainly far more pressing matters to be concerned about these days, like Social Security, the Bankruptcy Bill, and regaining control of the House and Senate in 2006.

However, in my opinion John Kerry sits in a unique position these days, which places him ahead of the game with other mentioned possibilities for 2008.

There is his email list that is 3 million strong and participants on his list remain active when Kerry sends out a call to action. Then there is the fact that Kerry’s financial backers have not shied away from support of Kerry, either. Finally, Kerry has shown since getting back to work in the Senate that he’s not backing down.

He's been actively pursuing legislation that he campaigned on in 2004, such as healthcare for kids, support for Military members and their families and small business legislation that supports that true members of the small business community, not the big business community that Bush supports.

The Boston Herald reports today that Monday night John Kerry hosted an “intimate political gathering” with about 100 of his top fundraisers.



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