Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Not Just Republicans Have Balls!

Win or lose on January 6th we will be out in force on the 20th with a Counter Inaugural that will launch the most creative and dynamic political opposition this country has yet seen. Working alongside a host of other organizations, we expect rallies at Dupont Circle and Malcomb X Park and a march to Franklin Park. While some people are coming to get in Bush's way or get themselves arrested doing civil disobedience, our goal is to provide an direct-action-and-teargas-free zone where pro-democracy forces can recapture some of the symbols of American democracy. While the permits have not yet been finalized, we expect to have stages on Capitol Hill near Union Station and at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial as well, with transportation in between venues for people who do not want to walk.

Our goal is to surround Bush's high security red zone in an ocean of blue. To get you to venture to the Jefferson Memorial we will have Jefferson scholar Clay Jenkinson doing a Jefferson re-enactment -- taking questions from the audience and responding as Jefferson himself might. ReDefeatBush founder David Lytel will reprise a role he performed a decade ago as Alexis de Tocqueville, whose cogent analysis of America's democratic origins helped define the uniqueness of the American experience. He will answer your the questions you may have about democracy and America's experiment with self-government. We expect other musical acts and performers to be announced in the coming weeks.

That night at 7:00 we invite everyone over to our place -- a dinner buffet and open bar for as many as 5,000 people at Dream, DC's premiere nightclub. We have created a bold new identity for ReDefeatBush and an exciting new mission that will be revealed at this Counterinaugural Ball the night of January 20th. It costs just $30 to attend if you're under 30 or $60 for everyone else, and more if you want to be a VIP or want Penthouse access. At 10:00 that night we will show a television program both at Dream and on the Internet with the highlights of what happened in Washington that day at the many stages being used by participants in the Counter Inaugural. Since we are invisible in the commerical media we will make our own instant documentary and news show.


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