Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Intelligent Design Not so Intelligent

Some intelligence is clearly needed on the part of the religious right, as they pursue their efforts to confuse religioius beliefs with scientific facts. The Washington Post reported over the weekend on a law in Dover, Pennsylvania:
If it survives a legal test, this school district of about 2,800 students could become the first in the nation to require that high school science teachers at least mention the "intelligent design" theory. This theory holds that human biology and evolution are so complex as to require the creative hand of an intelligent force.
In other words, human biology and evolution are too complex for them to understand, so they strive to ignore scientific research. A common tactic by the religious right is to state that the "Theory of Evolution" is just a theory, confusing the use of the word "theory" by scientists as opposed to the general population. They also purposely ignore the considerable body of scientific research supporting the Theory of Evolution.

It's sort of ignorance by design.


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