Thursday, December 23, 2004

Second Try for the Far Right Judges

Bush to attempt to move judicial system to far fight in second term, attempting to circumvent Constitutional checks and balances:

Bush to Renominate 20 Judges Whom Democrats Have Resisted


WASHINGTON, Dec. 23 - President Bush plans to renominate 20 candidates for federal judgeships who have been unable to win confirmation in the Senate, the White House said today, in a signal that the president is ready for a showdown early next year.

"An effective and efficient judicial system is vital to ensuring justice for all Americans," the White House said. "The president nominated highly qualified individuals to the federal courts during his first term, but the Senate failed to vote on many nominations."

Senate Democrats have maintained for months that they have routinely confirmed nominees who are not right-wing extremists or lukewarm about civil rights - faults that they have ascribed to the nominees that they have managed to block.



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