Tuesday, December 28, 2004

LA Times Questions Bush Mandate

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush, Polls Say

by Peter Wallsten Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — Despite a clear-cut reelection and the prospect of lasting GOP dominance in Congress, President Bush prepares to start his second term with the lowest approval ratings of any just-elected sitting president in half a century, according to new surveys.

That distinction, which pollsters and analysts blame on public discontent over the war in Iraq, comes as Bush begins drafting two major speeches that could quickly recast his image: an inaugural address Jan. 20 and the State of the Union soon after. Bracketed between them is the Jan. 30 election in Iraq, another milestone that could affect public impressions of Bush.


A Gallup survey conducted for CNN and USA Today puts Bush's approval rating at 49% — close to his preelection numbers. That's 10 to 20 points lower than every elected sitting president at this stage since just after World War II, according to Gallup, which has been tabulating such data since Harry S. Truman won a full term in 1948.

Bush's Gallup rating echoed a survey published last week by ABC News and the Washington Post, which put his approval rating at 48%. That poll also found that 56% of Americans believed the Iraq war was not worth fighting. Time magazine also put Bush's overall approval at 49%.

"The question is, what happened to the honeymoon?" asked Frank Newport, editor of the Gallup survey.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on with this blog? I can't get signed in. IT won't accept any of my passwords, so I have to post anonymously.
Anyway, this article proves that, even if one accepts the (increasingly dubious) proposition that Bush won a majority of the popular vote, his pluralliity was the most reluctant in the history of American politics.
It convinces me all the more that we should continue to press for a full investigation of the increasingly evident fraud on which the Bush "mandate" is based.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

As with Fred, this says only one thing to me. Hmmm...approval rating before the election? 49%. Approval rating a month after the election? 49%.
The election was stolen. Period.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Sometimes Blogger is very slow to long on to.

The poll does not confirm or contradict theories that the election was stolen. It might just mean Rove was successful. The Republicans knew Bush could not win an election seen as a referendum on Bush. Their strategy was to run a dirty misinformation campaign on Kerry to make people who disliked Bush afraid to vote for Kerry.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

Blogger is very slow to log on to. I had no problem though, just the wait...

7:51 PM  

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