Monday, September 27, 2004

The Effect of the War in Iraq On America's Security

Today Senator Ted Kennedy delievered a speech at GW University on the "effect of the war in Iraq on U.S. security. Here are his closing remarks:

"You can't pack all these reasons why America is not safer into a 30-second television response ad or a news story or an editorial. But as anyone who cares about the issue can quickly learn, our President has utterly no credibility when he keeps telling us that America and the world are safer because he went to war in Iraq and rid us of Saddam.

President Bush's record on Iraq is clearly costing American lives and endangering America in the world. Our President won't change, or even admit how wrong he's been and still is. Despite the long line of mistakes and blunders and outright deception, there has been no accountability. As election day draws closer, the buck is circling more and more closely over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Only a new President can right the extraordinary wrongs of the Bush Administration on our foreign policy and our national security.

On November 2nd, the American people will decide whether or not they still have confidence in this President's leadership. When we ask ourselves the fundamental question whether President Bush has made us safer, there can be only one answer: no, he has not. That's why America needs new leadership.

We could have been, and we should have been, much safer than we are today. We cannot afford to stay this very dangerous course. This election cannot come too soon. As I've said before, the only thing America has to fear is four more years of George Bush."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to all, I'm a portuguese citizen so it's kind of pointless to sign up for campaign help... I just wanted to say I look forward to see the FL debate and I truly hope John Kerry mentions the millions of people that hate Bush. It'll be about foreign policy, right? Well, how good will it be for America if a man that's hated worlwide wins? We, the foreign people, are horrified with the surveys that show Bush as a likely winner. America can't stand alone. There will be a worldwide party when Kerry wins. But if he doesn''s the whole world going down the drain.
When I saw that republican ad (with images of 9/11 saying "would you trust Kerry to fight these guys") I immediatly shouted "with Kerry (or Al Gore) it wouldn't even have happenned in the first place!". Bush makes me sick. I love America. Please, everyone, help America, make John Kerry win!
Helena from Portugal

6:22 AM  
Blogger Pamela Leavey said...


Thank you for your support! John Kerry Will Win!

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry can win the debate only if he can turn the debate towards bush. If I were John Kerry I'd say "So, Mr. President, you say I'm a flip flopper on Iraq. Let me give you a few of your words about Iraq over the past two years. First you said that we were going in to Iraq because it was a gathering threat, while your vice president said that if we didn't go in the smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud. So, I as a senator give you the authority to use force because I want to make sure thay America is safe, hoping that you will use this power to put together a strong coalition coalition to go in and stop saddam Hussein. Well, we got him but what you told the American people wasn't quite correct. So we see you flip flop. Suddenly your statements aren't about weapons of mass destruction. It was the Iraqi people. Then you say well no he didn't have WMD's but he had the capability to make them. Then it's well, he had the capabilities to create a program to start to devise a wmd device. Mr. President, how can the american people trust your judgement if you can't even be honest with them as to what your motives are? How can the American people trust you to be on point as you put it to dangerous threats when you haven't shown a capacity to be on point until well after it's too late. Mr President, you are definately a master of spin but you are not consistent you sir are a flip flopper."

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all...I would just like to say that the person from Portugal needs to stay in Portugal. The attack on 9/11 would have happended regardless of who was in office. As a person who travels to many countries and has many friends from these countries they do not hate President Bush. I must remind people while former Pres. Clinton was in office we were attacked by these same people...not just once but twice. Remember the first bombing of the Trade Center? What was done then...what would Sen. Kerry have done..obviously his Pres. and collegues did nothing...then remember the USS Cole..again under Clinton...and again inaction.
And Kerry since he has been in office can never make decisions..he has to waffle on everything and speak only what he thinks is needed to be heard...
God help us if this man is ever elected to the highest post in this glorious country...he does enough damage as a Senator.
For the record..the only reason I do not post my name because I am in the military and I do not need any comments to be attibuted to the military.
SO again....if you are not from this country..and you are not a US citizan..stay out of our politics...

9:08 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Clinton, unlike Bush I and Reagan did respond to terrorism.

When Clinton's people left office, they provided Bush's people with plans for taking on al Qaeda. Bush ignnored it, not believing a non-government group could be a threat.

The intelligence community warned Bush about an impending attack. Bush ignored the warnings.

9/11 could have been avoided if we had a competent President.

Bush messed up prior ot 9/11, and then made hte wrong decision every steip of the way after 9/11, starting with freezing for the first two days and failing to take action in Afganistan immediately, to prevent al Qaeda from easily escaping. Bush then left Afganistan prematurely (apparently under the false belief he had destroyed the Taliban) and went into Iraq unnecessarily.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did Clinton do? And let me ask you have you ever been to Afghanistan? Have you ever served? Do you know what it takes to lead soldiers into armed conflict? If you can say yes to any of the would know that it takes more than a few hours to make a move into harms way. Again though..what did Clinton do? But more important..what would Kerry do? So far his own published record..he waffles on all decisions...except the decision not to keep his story straight.
As a military member..I and for the most part my fellow members of the military..would never have anything to do with Kerry.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Kennedy is a great man and very wise. He would not have sent American war criminals to fight and torture defenceless people in the Middle East. His candidate, John Kerry, will win a peace in the world. American war criminals failed in Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia and now Iraq. John Kerry is the man to lead America out of Foreign adventures.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Americans want peace their solution is simple. Mr Kerry has the answer. Mr. Kerry would submit to an international approval on America's actions. This is what is needed to stop American agression throughout the world. Russia, China and France would not have approved the illegal war in Iraq. Without American aggression and illegal support of Israel, America would not be attacked by freedom fighters.

You don't see Mexico attacked by freedom fighters. Mexico does not invade other lands or lend support to Israel.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all..Kerry lead? Not hardley...and what war criminals? You talking about US servicemen and women...doom on you if will need us one day..dirtbag. And second Russia..France..China....oh you mean the country that was conducting illigal business with Iraq...before the war...oh and lets not forget know poor Germany that without the US would have been taken over by Communist East Germany post WWII....and for the other post...who cares what Mexico has...hell their own people leave the country daily...why would a terrorist bomb that place...oh yeah I forgot...Mexico has so much to offer....marijuana..cocaine..drug cartels...yeah the terrorist will bomb their sourse of income...Kerry supporters...know what is at stake before you people are sick

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush fell millions of number of jobs short of what the administration said they would create.

They said that Saddam Hussein was hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction and was creating nuclear weapons. He falsified the facts

He said that Mission Accomplished in Iraq. CIA reports told the truth. Bush falsified

He said he would unite the country. He failed

He said that he would bring back integrity to the White House. He lied

He said he would bring compassion to the public. People are losing jobs and not able to afford health insurance.

He said he would raise the quality of education and give opportunity for all children. He has cut funding and failed.

He said that he would advance scientific innovations for a better future such as new forms of energy. He failed and has caused us to become dependent on the rising costs of oil.

4:44 PM  

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