Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Doctor Supporting Kerry is Not "Man Bites Dog"

The blogosphere has been closely following the on line debate I'm involved in over at Point of Law:

To a considerable degree, many find it curious that a lawyer is backing Bush and a doctor is backing Kerry. As I hope to show in the debate, there is nothing strange about a doctor supporting Kerry as Kerry's plans are better for the medical profession on many issues, including malpractice reform.

The following entry gives an example of how much attention is being paid to this debate:

Welcome debate readers
Posted by Walter Olson

Our highly illuminating debate between Dr. Ron Chusid of Doctors for Kerry and our own Ted Frank has now gone for five energetic rounds (Chusid/ Frank/ Chusid/ Frank/ Chusid) with more to come. We're happy to say it's also attracted links, praise and many visitors from some of the most visible sites in the blogosphere, especially its medical and legal sectors. Among them: National Review Online's "The Corner", Eugene Volokh, Steve Bainbridge, Legal Affairs "Debate Club" (see left column), MedPundit (and again), KevinMD, GruntDoc, the official (comments) and unofficial Kerry for President blogs, and of course Overlawyered. Our thanks to everyone who's linked. If you'd like to read more about the medical liability system, try our page on Medicine and the Law, or Overlawyered's (in three series: most recent, earlier, earliest). And if you're interested in electoral politics, Overlawyered has a page on that too.

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