Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Four More Wars?

Bush has been shot down in his claims that his invasion of Iraq was justified based upon WMD or terrorism. He still claims that John Kerry voted for his war, despite Bush's own statements at the time that the vote did not mean that war was inevitable, but that American stands together. Kerry has made it clear that there is a distinction between receiving authorization to use force if necessary and recklessly using that authorization after the inspectors were back in and military force was no longer necessary.

With his justification for the war disputed, and not being able to blame going to war on John Kerry, Bush is left scrambling for reasons to justify his Iraq policy. Today he is left with claims that the war was justified because Saddam was a brutal dictator. Bush is attacking Kerry for being unwilling to have removed this brutal dictator--contradicting his own claims that Kerry supported him on the war.

It is a hypothetical question as to whether Saddam would still be in power. Kerry warned about Saddam in the past, but would have used methods to contain Saddam without invading if at all possible. If necessary to invade, he would not have done so in the reckless manner as George Bush did. He certainly would not have allowed Saddam to distract him from the greater threat from al Qaeda.

When George Bush makes his claims that under John Kerry Saddam would still be in power, I note this may be true (assuming he could be contained) but instead Bin Laden would not be. The choices Bush made tell a lot about his true dedication to the war on terror.

With the debates coming up, I have one further question for George Bush, and he may even use a life line to answer:

President Bush, if invading Iraq was justified solely because Iraq under Saddam was a brutal dictatorship, how many more dictatorships do you plan to attack during your second term?

We do not dispute that Saddam deserved to be removed from power. This alone does not justify unilateral military action.

Does Four More Years really mean Four More Wars?


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Time for America to wake up, no matter if you are conservative, liberal or somewhere in the middle. The Iraq War was something planned far in advance of the 2000 election. Just do a search on the internet "Project for a new American Century".

Type in those words and you go straight to this think tank's site. It gives this insidious Republican group's strategy and letters to the president (both Clinton and Bush) about world strategy. If you are unfamiliar with this site, then you might like to know that you will recognize several of the names signed to this group's letters and documents. Ever heard of Jeb Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz or Dan Quayle? Yep, these boys are part of the team. No wonder Mr. Bush couldn't fire Rumsfeld, who would determine foreign policy. And from the guy who said "we deserve these tax breaks, we won the election (bought might be a better word)", Mr. Cheney wouldn't be around to be the messenger boy between corporate America and the boss.

OK, visit this site and peruse some of the group's documents. It gives their whole plan for a new world order and domination of the world. Ignore and be ignorant of what King George and his court are really up to in the international stage. They only needed an excuse to go into Iraq and the WMD and 9-11 attack were good enough to conquer the Mideast's richest oil fields.

Further, Bush never represented this war in the beginning as being about anything less than WMD's. Then it became about fighting terrorism and gaining the freedom of the Iraqi people. What a bunch of BS! Yep, he promised to pay for the war with Iraqi oil. Instead, the Iraqi people get refined gas for a qaurter a gallon, which the U.S. taxpayer subsidizes and we are borrowing from China!

Hey, I wonder if Saudi Arabia had anything to do with this whole, big mess-playing the U.S. on one side and the terrorists on the other hand. The Bush and Saudi Royals have been buddies a long time. Bush dupes Americans into the Iraq War and gets new American support to get rid of a Saudi problem, hence the war.

Final scene might be something like this. Bush destroys the economy and industrial base, cripples the job market through outsourcing and what is left for Americans? No jobs, no health care, a crippling national debt, no tax base, a military it can no longer afford, an industrial base that can no longer make the weapons the military needs to defend the country (we can make them in China), Americans who can no longer afford to retire (we work until death do us part in this life) and no one gets the American dream except for the corporate elite. The Bush dynasty continues to reign well into the next decade, dragging along its right wing conservatives to keep it legally in power. Think enough Americans might eventually get fed up and do something drastic? Who knows? Excuse me, Fox News is on again and I have to go and wretch! Randy in Illinois

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