Saturday, January 03, 2004

Dean scrambles to clean up poor record on National Security:

Dean's Statement on Security Record - Sat Jan 3, 4:46 PM ET
By The Associated Press

Statement released Saturday by Howard Dean's campaign concerning his record on terrorism and nuclear security.

"As many have said before, the hindsight from the terrorist attacks of September 11th is 20-20 and no one was prepared for the events of that terrible day. In retrospect, every state in the country could have been safer and Governor Dean took swift and bold action to respond to make Vermonters safer. Governor Dean showed leadership and took responsibility by saying the buck stops here in terms of security by creating a Cabinet-level agency to respond to security threats. Dean actions included: placing state troopers and National Guardsmen at the plant, demanding a federal no-fly zone over the plant, increasing funding to prepare for an attack, and devising anthrax preparedness."

I just don't see how this statement corrects this:
"Security was so lax at Vermont Yankee that in August 2001, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staged a drill in which three mock terrorists gained access to the plant. The agency gave Vermont Yankee the worst security rating among the nation's 103 reactors." See post below...


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